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Jess Imme, queer artist, musician, Los Angeles

Born to an immigrant mother from El Salvador and a pastor father from Aberdeen, Washington, Jess Imme got her start playing drums and singing in her father's church. Her mother played Whitney Houston, Sade and Nina Simone on the family record player, while her dad played stuff like The Beach Boys, Jackie Wilson, and The Foggy Mountain Boys as he'd drive around in his truck. Her beloved Godmother taught Jess about Soul and Gospel, while her older brothers were into early 90s Hip Hop, R&B, Techno and Deep House. Jess soaked it all up and was a constantly singing and dancing toddler.


As a teen at Christian school, Jess struggled like so many other queer teens with an identity that was constantly stifled by religious suppression. She battled emotional trauma and low self-esteem, eventually getting into drugs and becoming a runaway before being sent to live with her mother in Central America. While in El Salvador, she learned to play the guitar, renounced religion (although they still made her go to church!), and immersed herself in the punk/goth and grunge scenes, where she learned how to skate and started playing in bands. While being queer was still a secret in her world, she did her best to navigate life and found refuge in music.


Today Jess lives in Los Angeles and is a proud queer feminist dyke and avid music fan. She records, performs live and collaborates with other artists, loving and playing genres including jazz, 50s and 60s pop, Motown, soul, punk, no-wave, grunge, 90s alternative, post punk, Motown, industrial, goth, metal, R&B, hip hop, psychedelic rock, dark wave, minimal wave, classical, and much more.

Jess Imme Photo Gallery
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