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Lead Vocals

2006 - 2012

Experimental Indie Rock

Big Moves was an indie rock experimental band from Los Angeles originally formed by songwriter/guitarist Blake Strauss, singer Jess Imme, and drummer Taylor Dexter. After a few variations of incredibly talented musicians, the final lineup was completed by adding Wes Singerman, and David Corwin who continued on until the band's indefinite hiatus in 2012. Big Moves was a passion project and brainchild of Strauss who recruited Imme in 2006 after serendipitously catching her performance in her then band, Fire on the Radio, in which she was the drummer and lead singer. Over the span of 6 years, the band released a full length album entitled "In the Beginning," an EP entitled "Lanterns," and in their final years, released a number of singles, all to the acclaim of fans and critics alike. They worked with such engineers and producers as Mike Laza (Boat Studios), Jared Brown (Graham Nash), Troy Dexter, and Will Kennedy (Studio P). During their prime, Big Moves made waves in the Los Angeles music scene and was well known for their high energy, musically acrobatic live shows. They toured the Pacific Northwest with Love Grenades (now going by Pale Blue), and shared the local stage with bands like Pollyn, Vanaprasta, Body Parts, Maston, Light FM, J Davey, LA Font, The Preachers, The Silverlake Chorus, and many others. 

“One of the 8 best unsigned bands in Los Angeles”

— September 16th, 2011


"The eclectic jazz-pop of L.A. quintet Big Moves can sometimes seem like an exercise in musical aerobics as much as songwriting, but their adventurous spirit and labyrinthine arrangements will appeal to sophisticates who like their artists to color outside the lines."

--Buzzbands LA May 18th, 2011


“The sound: With its fusion of jazz richness and punk energy, the L.A.-bred band could pass for a Chicago relative of groups such as the Sea and Cake and Ancient Greeks. On songs such as “Groundbeaking Studies,” Big Moves blends deft punk drumming and defiantly reverb-free guitar tones with singer Jess Imme’s acrobatic, acerbic melodies – on new single “Lanterns,” her surly croon lands somewhere between PJ Harvey and Gwen Stefani. The random: It took three years for the band to put all its pieces together. Imme met songwriter/guitarist Blake Strauss at the Key Club in 2006, picking up then-16-year-old drummer Taylor Dexter two years later before the 2009 addition of bassist David Corwin, a Cal State Northridge jazz performance student, and guitarist Wesley Singerman.”

— David Greenwald, Los Angeles Times: Brand X April 7th, 2011


“THIS. BAND IS. THE. TRUTH....Rare is the occasion when a band comes along that is young yet has obviously done their homework... these kids are uber-amazing, and their sound is unlike anything I’ve heard in a long, long time... Expect very, very big things from Big Moves...”

— Abe Beltran, KPFK Radio Soundwaves February 6th, 2009


“With a full-length album out and daily radio play on KCRW and KPFK, Big Moves is definitely one of L.A.’s bands to watch”

— Elene P., February 6th, 2009

Big Moves
Big Moves - Parrots
Big Moves - Parrots

Big Moves - Parrots

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Big Moves - Inspiration As a Recurring Theme

Big Moves - Inspiration As a Recurring Theme

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Big Moves - Reasoning

Big Moves - Reasoning

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